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I want to run a part of my loop for a certain time: 60 seconds. Afterwards I set a boolean flag and continue at another point. Does Python have something like a stopwatch? Maybe this is OS specific: it’s targeted against a Linux env.

Sleeping a couple of seconds is easy… no question. 😉 I want the opposite.


You could use the time.time() method:

import time
endtime = time.time() + 60
while time.time() < endtime:
    # do something

Note – you probably don’t want to use time.clock() as this measures CPU time rather than wall time.


You could use time.time() to set the begin of the loop, and later check if the passed time is greater than 60 seconds. But then you’ll have a problem if the clock changes during the loop (very rare case) – so you should check for negative differences, too.

import time

begin = time.time()

for something:
    # do something

    if not (begin <= time.time() <= begin + 60):

As far as I know, Python does not include a stop watch class like in C#, for example.

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