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Our tortoiseSVN repository unfortunately became corrupt today due to a disk glitch.

We have a good working copy based off revision 2897.
Our most recent backup repository is from revision 2848.

We would like to salvage as much as possible of the history, rather than start a new repository.

So, can we do this by committing the working copy directly to the older backup repository ?


If I am not missing anything, I do not see any problem in such a commit. Only that you will not have history details for the commits between the 2 revisions.


This happened to me as well, I had to checkout a fresh copy, as svn got a real hickup when my local version was newer than the server.
When you have checked out a new copy, copy the files from what you had locally over your new copy (make sure you don’t copy the .svn folders), and commit. You will loose history between 2848 and 2897


You’ve lost your commit history, since revision 2848. Subversion working copies only keep local state….

Dependent on how you restore your repository you might also experience commit problems due to a mis-matching repository UUID. The svn switch command can be used to indicate a change of repository. Another option is to use tortoiseSVN to create a patch of the changes since revision 2848 and apply this to a fresh checkout.

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