Unable to find WPF User Controls in Visual Studio C# 2008; stuck with nonexistant Control instead – Education Career Blog

This is a rather unusual question but here’s the issue:

I have a WPF control created in Visual Studio C# 2008, map.xaml, created in the project Remote.

I want to add this to a Windows Form, also in Remote, using the ElementHost tool. Simple, right?

I created the ElementHost, went to select the HostedContent, but the only choice available is UserControl1.xaml, which is a file I created when testing in Remote earlier. This file, however, was completely deleted after I had finished with it. I have searched my entire system and the project and can find no references to it.

I would appreciate it greatly if anyone has any ideas as to why this might be happening; I just want to add map.xaml, but VS is refusing to recognise anything except this ghost file.




Your Map Control should be public, for starters.

And make sure you rebuild the lib, and reference the correct build/version.

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