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I’m trying to understand what these offsets are in an iphone stack trace:

11  FOO                         0x0005684a +TTURLRequest requestWithURL:delegate: + 42
12  FOO                         0x00056840 +TTURLRequest requestWithURL:delegate: + 32

What are the hex numbers 0x0005684a and 0x00056840? What are the numbers +42, and +32?

I would have expected the hex numbers to match up to offsets in the binary. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have any correspondence:

$ nm build/AdHoc\ Release-iphoneos/FOO.app/FOO | grep 'requestWithURL'
00056820 t +TTURLRequest requestWithURL:delegate:
00056810 t +TTURLRequest requestWithURL:delegate:


Memory locations. Offsets from/into the structure.

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