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Where should the browser be improved upon to help improve application experiences?

For instance some of my main gripes are
A) Different browsers will need different configurations / plugins (I dont want to download different JRE’s, RIA platforms such as flash, silverright, gears so forth)

B) I want to always be able to drag data from my desktop to a ‘Webapp’. I don’t like clicking browse for file and then uploading it. I think this is something that should be easily handled.

Additionally based on the above point – I’d like for it to be very easy to drag information from a web page to my computer to be used in whatever shape form or matter needed. For instance I’d like if I could drag my user ID from stack overflow into my mail / crm client which would take relevant information and maybe even build a picture up of my knowledge.

What else am I missing ?


I see that current problem is ever-growing pile of technologies. Just connect straight to users browser API calls via RPC. RPC is future way to go and it puts end to this tech-piling-up-trend. Currently security is too weak for this kind of technology. Maybe some sort of virtual sandbox would fix that.

See RPyc theory of operation and screencast, it explains the idea pretty well.

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