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The users that will be installing and using the application I created may not have to access to the Program Files folder. Therefore, my boss and I thought it best that we put the SQLite database in a public location, but not the desktop. We were thinking of the Application Data folder on the All Users profile, but when I got to my other computer, I realized that the OS of the computer could be either XP or Vista and higher. Therefore, I need my database folder to change based on version. When in the File System view for the setup project, it naturally has an Application Folder (ProgramFilesFolderManufacturer\ProductName), User’s Desktop (DesktopFolder), and User’s Programs Menu (ProgramMenuFolder). Is there any shortcut name for the Public/All users folder? I’m unable to find one and while I know I could make two separate installations rather easily, I am just curious to know if there’s a way to do it this way. I already have some if statements in my code to determine where to look, I just have to figure it out now in the setup project. Thanks.


There are “variables” you can use, hardcoding paths is a no-no

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