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I know I can use sharepoint designer to convert list to data view wp and then i can do this easily. but I wanted to if there was a way to do this with list view wp without intervention of sp designer.

I have a order table

orderid  orderdate  
1        1/1/2011
2        2/2/2012
3        3/3/2013

I like to establish hyperlink to the orderid values where it will go it’s correspondence page. for example, you are on the list view page for


then I like to see the orderids are hyperlinked. so when user clicks on order id 2 it will take user to



You can use Christophes method to generate HTML in a calculated column and then javascript to turn the ‘escaped’ html into ‘real’ html.


="<a href='http://server/ordersite/" & ID & "/order.aspx">Show Order</a>"


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