Why does this HTML looks different in an eBay listing than by itself? – Education Career Blog

This is the code by itself. This is how it looks by it self and how I want it to look. And this is how I don’t want it to look but how it looks when I copy and paste the whole HTML to my eBay listing. I get the same results on Chrome and IE. I’m not sure if is OK to copy and paste the whole HTML to the eBay listing, but I also tried pasting only the table and the CSS script but I got exactly the same results. I’m kinda new at HTML so I might be missing some obvious stuff.


Your css is probably not compatible with ebay’s. You can use tools like Firebug to check the details and to find out which settings you will need to tweak. From the screenshots, I’m guessing you will need to set some padding to 0 explicitly.

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