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I am facing a problem with DataBinding in WPF::::

The below code is working:

<TextBox Text="{Binding ProcessStepBlock.ProcessStep2.ProcessDescription}"></TextBox>
 <TextBox Text="{Binding ProcessStepBlock.SelectedIndex}" ></TextBox>

The below code is not working:It gives me a binding error BindingExpression path error: ‘ ‘ property not found on ‘object’ ”ObservableCollectionEx`1′

 <TextBox Text="{Binding ProcessStepBlock.ProcessStepProcessStepBlock.SelectedIndex.ProcessDescription}"></TextBox>
 <TextBox Text="{Binding ProcessStepBlock.SelectedIndex}" ></TextBox>

Please help!!!


The XAML parser can’t resolve properties to provide values inside a PropertyPath. To get what you’re looking for use a MultiBinding that takes both the ProcessStep collection and the SelectedIndex property and create an IMultiValueConverter that produces the ProcessDescription by doing the indexing in code.

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